Dezider is a real-time information decision support solution that connects you to your co-workers, stakeholders, peers, superiors, friends, and family as an aid in making decisions. The Dezider let's you interact with multiple groups and diverse people to get their opinion by asking their input prior to making a decision about any aspect of an activity or project in real-time. The Standish Group developed the Dezider after years of research in project management performance and decision-making. The Standish Group research shows latency between decisions is a major contributor to project delays and failures. Dezider is a free service product offered exclusively by The Standish Group.

At the heart of Dezider is the ability to create a series of minor or micro issues rather than one major issue to construct a stream of responses for an overall quicker, easier and more comprehensive answer. Each of these micro issues can be directed to the proper level, role and/or responsible person or persons. The Dezider will keep track of the goal, send reminders to outstanding respondents and notify you when to goal has been reached. The Dezider will calculated the responses and provide both character and graphic representation of the results to allow you to make an informed decision. Each time you make a decision you have the ability to notify and build on the decision, thus creating the decision pipeline.

The process of making a decision using the Dezider is straightforward. You create an issue question, send it out to the people of whom you want their feedback, collect and evaluate the answers, and report of the decision. You can then follow-up with another issue question and tie them together. You can set decision goals such as a schedule, percent of participation or both. You can set decisions by their impact to the activity. You can segment answers by a person?s decision level, role, and responsibility. You can escalate a decision to higher levels when it is required. The history of the decision is automatically saved with when the decision was made, who participated in the issue, what was their answers and the timing of those answers.

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